Plumber repairing a gas hot water system

The 4 Simple Reasons Why Gas Hot Water Is The Best Choice For Your Home

As one of the major components of your household bill, it’s important to decide which propellant will be giving your home the warm showers it so deserves in your time there. There are a few options on the market with different variations scattered throughout, from gas hot water to electrically powered alternatives. There are good and bad aspects to all, but for some inexplicable reason, we cannot help but be a bigger fan of gas hot water systems as a whole. They’re useful, versatile, and a lot cheaper, but we’ll get into that soon.

As a rule of thumb, we always say to check and do your homework on the area you’re moving into or the area you’re looking for gas hot water to be set up, some areas do not have adequate coverage or connectivity for certain options, while others are favoured with one more than the other. It can get a little tricky, but for today we will simply go from the notion that the gas hot water system is the superior one (spoiler alert: It is).

1.   Cheaper To Run

The gas hot water model is certainly an advantage for many of us due to the incessant incremental increases of utility prices in the last decade or so. By and large, the gas hot water is more energy-efficient than its electric compatriots and for that reason, it runs on a much more budget-friendly manner. This is especially advantageous for those households that already have a live connection which brings the installation fees down considerably as well.

A reliable gas hot water system will also last a fair amount of time before replacement is needed which adds to its value over the long term on top of the energy efficiency over the short term.

2.   Fewer Greenhouse Emissions

The trend continues to be the greener the better when it comes to all stages of our everyday lives. From recycled cups to even straws, there’s no shortage of ways to ensure we’re leaving a greener pasture than the one we found in our own way. Funnily enough, going with gas hot water as your primary form of heating is quite a green decision to make.

Research studies have found that the electrical counterparts are less green-friendly than previously thought and the consistent usage will invariably lead to higher emissions of greenhouse nasties and pollutants.

3.   No Variation Or Peak Times

Unlike the electrical alternative on offer, the gas hot water system will not be affected by those pesky peak times that litter the electrical grid and thus throw chaos into our budgets. The gas hot water system will cost the same no matter what time of day you choose to have your shower or wash the dishes – all without any detriment to your bill.

4.   Fast Heating Efficiency

We now get to the more fun factor about gas hot water, and that is the speed that it warms up. It’s super-fast, to say the least, and can have a wonderfully fast response time to turn the tap. This is advantageous for those who work on tight schedules or don’t like to wait mercilessly next to the tap and wait with one finger under the stream to feel its edge closer to being warm. The power efficiency combined with the speed proficiency equals one easy decision to make.

There you have it, only a few of the many advantages for upgrading to the smarter heating system, of course, ensure you always check your compatibility, stay warm folks!